Checked Baggage

Packing, Labelling, Locking and Wrapping Requirement:

All contents of your baggage need to be packed securely and appropriately. Do not pack valuables, essential medication or important documents in your checked baggage. You must ensure each item of checked baggage is labelled with your name, address and contact details. We recommend that passengers lock their checked baggage. However, it may be necessary for governments, airports, customs or their contractors to open and inspect your baggage as part of the security screening process. If your baggage is locked, and you are not present when it is necessary to open it, the lock may be broken by security screeners.

Passengers who choose to utilise baggage-wrapping services offered at some airports should allow additional time to complete this process before check-in. If security wrapping needs to be removed for inspection by governments, airports or their contractors as part of the security screening process it will not be replaced.